Humble Choice - Monthly Bundle September 2020

Indie Gala Steam Bundle - Tricky Traps

Indie Gala Steam Bundle - Tricky Traps teaser

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This game bundle contains

Teaser image for Cleansuit
Steam % 100


Steam | Windows | Indie

Cleansuit is a retro-style graphical text adventure game where you must find creative ways to survive a mysterious serial killer's assault on your home. Use text commands to manipulate the detailed environment and discover all the unique ways to win and die.

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Teaser image for Tricky Cat
Steam % 97

Tricky Cat

Steam | Windows, Linux | Casual

Help this cute cat jumping on tiles but don’t fall down!

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Teaser image for Him and I
Steam % 89

Him and I

Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, Indie

Him & I tells a story about a father and son,and their struggle to survive after the virus broke out. Niel ,the protogonist, tries to go to North Star which is the last castle built by men in order to save his son.

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Teaser image for Exile Squadron
Steam % 85

Exile Squadron

Steam | Windows, Linux | Action

In this sidescrolling shoot ‘em up, you are the top pilot of the Exile Squadron. Using a variety of weapons, you will have to stop the forces of the Colonies, who are hell-bent on destroying Earth. Upgrade your equipment, survive action-packed levels, and climb the online leaderboards.

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Teaser image for Marble Trap
Steam % 83

Marble Trap

Steam | Windows, Linux | Action, Racing

Marble Trap is an isometric rolling race game where you need to roll your way to the finish without getting trapped.

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Teaser image for Cube Mission
Steam % 83

Cube Mission

Steam | Windows, Linux | Adventure, Casual, Indie

Cube mission is a fun isometric action platforming puzzler. Travel through a floating world with all kinds of different obstacles and precarious puzzles. This journey can be enjoyed by anyone looking for an amusing, challenging and rewarding adventure.

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Teaser image for bit Dungeon III
Steam % 80

bit Dungeon III

Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG

bitDungeonIII is a 2d action adventure game with rogue-lite elements. Randomly generated overworld and dungeons. Make allies with other players or kill them for their precious inventory items. Discover random items that greatly enhance and affect your character.

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Humble Choice - Monthly Bundle September 2020