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Indie Gala - Interstellar Bundle

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Name your own price for interstellar Games!

This time included action strategy, Point & Click Adventure, a shooter and platformer, a physics-based puzzle, a science fiction FPS and a fighting title!

All games in this pc game bundle can be redeemed on the Steam digital store. (Excerpt Cubicity, available on Desura + Greenlight)

Pay the minimum price of Only $1 and you´ll get 3 games. Pay a little bit more for all 6 games!

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 90
Metascore 73

PixelJunk Shooter

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action

In PixelJunk™ Shooter, you must pilot your spacecraft through a range of cavernous environments in a bid to save the scientists trapped underground. Making your way through the game will rely on your keen sense of observation and the ability to manipulate your surroundings.

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Steam % 88
Metascore 79

Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves

Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, General, Indie, RPG, Real Time Strategy, Strategy

Combining action and strategy in a unique way, Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves transports you into an epic folktale co-written with best-selling Canadian author Bryan Perro (Amos Daragon, Wariwulf), in which two feuding brothers will have to put aside ...

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Steam % 88


Greenlight, Desura | Windows | General, Indie, Puzzle Compilation

Cubicity is a physics-based puzzle game. You play the role of Seamus, a curious guy who can't seem to keep himself out of trouble. Help him figure out how to make it home in one piece!

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Steam % 84

Finding Teddy

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Adventure Games

A Point'n-Click Adventure without dialogues. Riddles are the main point of the game.

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Steam % 78
Metascore 72

PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Strategy

Tikiman the Forest Defender is in trouble. Hordes of monsters are sweeping through his realm, hoping to chow down on his offspring – and it’s up to you to defend them. By placing weapon towers at strategic points around the landscape, you can destroy the invaders and save the little ones.

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Fallback image

Steam |

Interstellar Marines ‐ BTA: Spearhead Edition

Steam | Windows, Mac | Sci-Fi

A science fiction first-person shooter. Your decisions can affect the future of mankind.

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Beast Boxing Turbo

Steam | Windows, Mac | Boxing

A game with an unique fighting system and challenging gameplay.

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Dynamite Jack

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Platformers

An intense top-down action-adventure. Just blast your way to freedom!

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