Indie Gala - Indie Zone Bundle

Indie Gala - Indie Zone Bundle

Another Steam game bundle...

Grab some nice indie games. Included in this game pack you´ll find Ballistick, Iron Commando - Koutetsu no Senshi, Black Sand Drift, O3DX, The Gleam : VR Escape the Room, Charm Tale Quest, Monsterland, Swapperoo, BitMaster, Dorke and Ymp, Stories of Bethem: Full Moon and NEO-NOW!

The games in this bundle are redeemable on Steam and playable on your Windows PC. Selected games are also playable on Mac and Linux. Pay what you want starting at $1 - Pay more, get more!

This game bundle contains

Steam % 96

Monsterland: Violent Characters

Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, Indie

Monsterland is an MS-DOS-style textmode shooter with a story-driven campaign which is about 3 hours long.

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Steam % 93


Steam | Windows | Casual, Indie, Puzzle

The friendly puzzle game intent on your defeat.

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Steam % 89

Charm Tale Quest

Steam | Windows | Casual, Indie, Puzzle

Charm Tale Quest is a puzzle/strategy game in which you have to make chains of colored gems to defeat unusual enemies in prolonged battle.

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Steam % 87

Stories of Bethem: Full Moon

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Role-Playing

Be enchanted by a classic style action-packed adventure full of secrets, puzzles, unrequited love, exploration and loads of madness.

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Steam % 74


Steam | Windows | Action, Action Adventure, Indie

The stick figure days are back!

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Steam % 73

Black Sand Drift

Steam | Windows | Action, Casual, Indie

For over 300 years, the five planets of the Kotiro galaxy have struggled under the heavy hand of maniacal, mechanical bots called Spiral.

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Steam % 72


Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Indie

BitMaster is a dynamic and colorful twin-stick shooter which design was inspired by such games as Geometry Wars, Crimson Land and Satellite Reign.

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Steam % 71

Dorke and Ymp

Steam | Windows | Action, Action Adventure, Adventure, Indie

This game is a puzzle adventure platformer in which you got to help Dorke (and Ymp) to make some errands for your evil Master Wizard in exchange of him training you and teaching you his magic spells.

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Steam % 64

O3DX - Offroad 3DX

Steam | Windows, Mac | Action, Driving, Indie, Racing

Prepare yourself for fast tracks, furious physics and a rush of adrenaline as you tackle daring obstacles and puzzles.

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Steam % 62

Iron Commando

Steam | Windows | Action

Take control of either Jake, a soldier, or Chang Li, a martial arts master, in your quest to stop G.H.O.S.T.

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Steam % 56

The Gleam: VR Escape the Room

Steam | Windows | Action Adventure, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Strategy

The Gleam is an escape the room game for the HTC Vive.

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Steam % 50


Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, Early Access, Indie, RPG, Strategy

Explore wonderful worlds and battle Several creatures in search of his destiny.

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