Indie Gala - Friday Special Bundle 16

Indie Gala - Friday Special Bundle 16

A new special game bundle...

This game bundle includes the titles: Residue - Final Cut, The Book of Legends, 3 Stars of Destiny, Project Temporality, Grapple, The Albino Hunter, CO-OP Decrypted, Wooden Floor, Cyberpunk 3776, Hare In The Hat, Shin Samurai Jazz and Fortune's Tavern (+ 2 DLC).

Each game in this bundle is redeemable on Steam and playable on Windows. Selected titles are also available on Mac and Linux. 6 games include Steam Trading Cards. Pay what you want starting at $1 - Pay more, get more!

This game bundle contains

Steam % 93


Steam | Windows | Indie, Puzzle

GrappleĀ is a 3D puzzle platformer.

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Steam % 82

Shin Samurai Jazz

Steam | Windows | 2D, Action, Adventure, Indie, Platformer

Shin Samurai Jazz is a platform-adventure game.

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Steam % 80
Metascore 55

Project Temporality

Steam | Windows | Puzzle

You are #87, an involuntary test subject at a mobile research base.

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Steam % 77

Cyberpunk 3776

Steam | Windows, Mac | Action, Arcade, General, Indie

Cyberpunk 3776 harkens back to the glory days of arcade shoot-em-ups.

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Steam % 76

Hare In The Hat

Steam | Windows, Mac | Adventure, Indie, Point and Click, Point-and-Click

Evil magician holds the Hare imprisoned.

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Steam % 73

The Albino Hunter

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Indie, Japanese-Style, RPG

Kalymn Nox is the Albino Hunter; even his pretentious and slightly racist title can keep him from waking up broke after a night of drinking.

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Steam % 60

Fortune's Tavern - The Fantasy Tavern Simulator

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Casual, Indie, Japanese-Style, RPG, Simulation

Every great RPG has its tavern: where heroes meet, rumours are told, quests are undertaken, and beer is supped by the gallonā€¦ but could you manage such a place?

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Steam % 53

Wooden Floor

Steam | Windows | Adventure, General, Indie

Wooden Floor is a first person horror game full of visual trickery ...

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Steam % 49

CO-OP : Decrypted

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Adventure, Early Access, Indie, Linear

CO-OP is a 2.5D puzzle-platformer.

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3 Stars of Destiny

Steam | Windows | Console-style RPG

Fight monsters, explore, complete quests, rescue people in need and explore a fantasy medieval world in this role-playing game.

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The Book of Legends

Steam | Windows | Console-style RPG

Ready for the BIG adventure?

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Residue: Final Cut

Steam | Windows | Adventure Games

Residue is a story-driven 2D platform adventure.

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