Indie Gala - Creepy Adventurer Bundle

Indie Gala - Creepy Adventurer Bundle

An indie game bundle...

Grab some classic games. Included in this game pack you´ll find Post Mortem, Robin Hood: Legend of Sherwood, Amerzone: Explorer's Legacy, AGON-. Mysterious Codex & Lost Sword of Toledo, Atlantis 2: Beyond Atlantis, Salammbô, Dracula 4 and 5, Curse - The Eye of Isis, Prehistorik, The Egyptian Prophecy - The Fate of Ramses and Save the Furries.

The games in this bundle are redeemable on Steam and playable on Windows. Selected games are also playable on Mac. Grab the complete bundle for $1.25!

This game bundle contains

Steam % 84
Metascore 77

Salammbo: Battle of Carthage

Steam | Windows | General

Inspired by the novel of Gustave Flaubert and the works of Phillippe Druillet, Salammbo: Battle for Carthage puts you in the middle of two of antiquities greatest powers.

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Steam % 83
Metascore 73

AGON: The Mysterious Codex

Steam | Windows | Adventure

Professor Hunt embarks on an adventure journey from London to Lapland and Madagascar, in search of mysterious ancient board games.

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Metascore 80

Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood

Steam | Windows | Real-Time Strategy

A fascinating universe with strong-willed, powerful characters, Robin Hood, takes you on a voyage through medieval Sherwood with a fistful of arrows and a heart full of courage.

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Steam % 78

Dracula 5: The Blood Legacy

Steam | Windows, Mac | Adventure, Modern, Point and Click

Dracula 5: The Blood Legacy takes over the investigation right after the final revelation of Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon.

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Steam % 78
Metascore 32

Dracula 4: Shadow of the Dragon

Steam | Windows, Mac | Adventure, Modern, Point and Click

A cargo ship carrying a valuable collection of artwork for the Metropolitan Museum of Art sinks.

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Steam % 75
Metascore 63

Curse: The Eye of Isis

Steam | Windows | Horror

Strange things are happening at Great Britain’s museum of natural history in 1890.

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Steam % 74

Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy

Steam | Windows | Role-Playing, Abenteuer, Gelegenheitsspiele

The first adventure from the author of Syberia and Syberia 2, Benoît Sokal.

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Metascore 71

Post Mortem

Steam | Windows | Adventure Games

Gus Macpherson could not escape his true art...

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Steam % 63

Save the Furries

Steam | Windows | Casual, Puzzle

Help the Furries, those cute and crazy little green creatures, travel the galaxy and survive the perils that await them on every strange planet they visit!

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Steam % 62
Metascore 73

The Egyptian Prophecy / Egypt III: The Fate of Ramses

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Adventure Games

Travel along the Nile and interact with various character, decipher an array of intriguing 3D real-time puzzles set in breath-taking environments.

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Steam % 61

AGON The Lost Sword of Toledo

Steam | Windows | Adventure

Search the Spanish city of Toledo with Professor Hunt and reveal the secrets behind a mysterious sword!

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Steam % 46


Steam | Windows, Mac | 2D, Action, Casual

A giant has stolen all the grub from the Grag's tribe!

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Beyond Atlantis - Atlantis 2

Steam | Windows, Mac | Adventure Games

Beyond Atlantis is just a chain of nonsensical puzzles and conversations, albeit nonsense that attempts to be mystical.