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Indie Gala Bundle - Defense Hero Bundle

Indie Gala Bundle - Defense Hero Bundle teaser

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This game bundle contains

Teaser image for Eternum EX
Steam % 97

Eternum EX

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Indie

Sir Arthur has gotten old... too old. He has lost everything he had and loved, and with nothing more to lose he leaves for Samarnath, an evil subterranean kingdom in search of treasures, adventures and the most important: five magical orbs that together provide: the Eternal youth.

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Teaser image for Duke of Defense
Steam % 92

Duke of Defense

Steam | Windows | Casual, Strategy

Discover a world brimming with humor and interesting characters. You'll find yourself among overly observant villagers and egotistical wizards.

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Teaser image for Walden, a game
Steam % 83

Walden, a game

Steam | Windows, Mac | Adventure, Indie

Take on Henry David Thoreau’s classic adventure in living simply in nature as you explore this epic open world game based on the story of Thoreau’s life in the woods alone at Walden Pond.

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Teaser image for Restless Hero
Steam % 78

Restless Hero

Steam | Windows, Linux | Action, Adventure, Indie

You are about to be a part of an adventure of the Dark Age. Follow Rick in his damned path of vengeance and help him to redeem his soul.

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Teaser image for Running Girl
Steam % 50

Running Girl

Steam | Windows | Action, Indie

Run and get over your Dream or Nightmare!

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Teaser image for Bleep Bloop

Bleep Bloop

Steam | Windows | Casual, Indie

Meet Bleep and Bloop as they help each other overcome all the challenges that stand in their way. A light-hearted and playful puzzle game about working together.

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Metro Exodus Bundle