Humble "Witchcraft, Magick, & Spirituality" Bundle

Humble "Witchcraft, Magick, & Spirituality" Bundle

Pay what you want starting at $1. There’s more to life than meets the eye... Life isn’t the straightforward journey we all believe it to be. There is so much about our world, our solar system, and our universe we don’t understand. Don't miss the latest Humble Bundle.

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This bundle contains

  • Wicca Made Easy
  • Wishcraft
  • Witchery
  • Year Of The Witch
  • Queering Your Craft
  • Plant Witchery
  • Italian Folk Magic
  • Reading The Runes
  • Study Of Witchcraft
  • Water Witchcraft
  • Herbal Magick
  • Big Book Of Tarot
  • Magic When You Need It
  • Magickal Astrology
  • True Magic
  • Witch's Guide To Wands
  • Spellcrafting
  • Positive Magic
  • Witch'S Eight Paths Of Power
  • Love Magic
  • Witchcraft Activism
  • City Magick
  • Personal Magic