Humble Monthly 2021 - April

Humble Weekly Sale: Klei Entertainment! Bundle

Humble Weekly Sale: Klei Entertainment! Bundle teaser

3 Games by Klei Entertainment

Get Shank, Shank 2 and Eets for Windows and Apple Mac! The both Shank titles are also available on Linux!

Pay what you want Bundle starting at 1 Dollar for all 3 Games! DRM-free + Steam

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This game bundle contains

Metascore 81


Steam, Drm-free | Windows, Mac | Platformers

Eets Gameplay is like "Lemmings Meet The Incredible Machine Plus a Touch of Character."Players step onto a rich looking platform of lush grasses against a sunny sky and compel the main character, Eets, to find puzzle pieces or shards placed throughout

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Metascore 72

Shank 2

Steam, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action

Shank 2 returns ... Expanding on the original gameĀ“s rich and intuitive combat and control system. An arcade-style 2D side-scrolling game.

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Metascore 67


Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Beat-'Em-Up

It's an over-the-top action/adventure with amazing control, great animation, immersive environment, and everything else that we feel like, and none of the stuff we don't.

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Humble Monthly 2021 - April