Humble Warhammer Audiobook Bundle 2020

Humble Warhammer Audiobook Bundle 2020 teaser

More awesome audiobooks for you. Humble Bundle has teamed up with Black Library for their newest bundle! Pay what you want starting at $1.

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Get audiobooks like First and Only, Realmslayer, Soul Wars, For the Emperor, The House of Night and Chain, and Valdor: Birth of the Imperium.

Included audiobooks:

  • Blacktalon: First Mark
  • Blood of Sanguinius
  • Callis and Toll: The Silver Shard
  • Castle of Blood
  • Drachenfels
  • First and Only
  • For the Emperor
  • Honourbound
  • Nagash: The Undying King
  • Perdition's Flame
  • Primogenitor
  • Realmslayer
  • Sacrosanct & Other Stories
  • Soul Wars
  • The Emperor's Legion
  • The House of Night and Chain
  • The Solar War
  • The Wicked and the Damned
  • Trollslayer
  • Valdor: Birth of the Imperium
  • Xenos
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