Humble "User Experience (UX) Design" Bundle

Humble "User Experience (UX) Design" Bundle

Usability, accessibility, and desirability.

An all-new bundle by

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Pay what you want starting at $1 - Pay more, get more! UX design is all about enhancing the user experience for a product, making sure it’s easy to use for the customer.

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Included content:

  • Conceptual Models: Core to Good Design
  • Contextual Design: Evolved
  • Designing for Gesture and Tangible Interaction
  • Experience Design: Technology for All the Right Reasons
  • Geographical Design: Spatial Cognition and Geographical Information Science, Second Edition
  • HCI Theory: Classical, Modern, and Contemporary
  • Human-Computer Interactions in Museums
  • Interaction for Visualization
  • Mobile Interactions in Context: A Designerly Way Toward Digital Ecology
  • Multitasking in the Digital Age
  • Proxemic Interactions: From Theory to Practice
  • Qualitative HCI Research: Going Behind the Scenes
  • Representation, Inclusion, and Innovation: Multidisciplinary Explorations
  • Research in the Wild
  • The Design of Implicit Interactions
  • User-Centered Agile Methods