Humble "The A to Z of Machine Learning" Bundle

Humble "The A to Z of Machine Learning" Bundle

Pay what you want... starting at only $1. Learn everything you need to know about machine learning and NLP from world-renowned experts in this book bundle from Packt. A new Humble Bundle.

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Included RPG content:

  • Advanced Natural Language Processing with TensorFlow 2
  • Algorithmic Short Selling with Python
  • Applied Deep Learning and Computer Vision for Self-Driving Cars
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning Hands-On, Second Edition
  • Exploring GPT-3
  • Getting Started with Streamlit for Data Science
  • Graph Machine Learning
  • Hands-On Gradient Boosting with XGBoost and scikit-learn
  • Interpretable Machine Learning with Python
  • Learn Amazon SageMaker
  • Machine Learning Engineering with Python
  • Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading
  • Machine Learning for Time-Series with Python
  • Machine Learning Using TensorFlow Cookbook
  • Machine Learning with PyTorch and Scikit-Learn
  • Mastering Azure Machine Learning
  • Mastering Transformers
  • Modern Computer Vision with PyTorch
  • Practical Discrete Mathematics
  • Python Machine Learning
  • The Kaggle Book
  • The Machine Learning Solutions Architect Handbook
  • The Statistics and Calculus with Python Workshop
  • The TensorFlow Workshop
  • Transformers for Natural Language Processing