Humble Monthly 2021 - April

Humble Software Bundle: Intro to Code 2021

Humble Software Bundle: Intro to Code 2021 teaser

With this brand new bundle, you’ll master the world’s most popular languages by building real, portfolio-ready projects. Don't miss Humble Bundle's newest bundle!

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This bundle contains:

  • AR Projects - Geology App
  • Bite-Sized JS Programming
  • Bite-Sized Python Data Visualization
  • Bite-Sized React
  • Bite-Sized SQL
  • Build a Micro-VR Game
  • Build an Action RPG in Unreal Engine
  • C++ Foundations
  • CSS Flexbox for Beginners
  • Construct a Strategy Game with Godot
  • Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Classification
  • Craft a 2D Idle Clicker Game
  • Create Your First 3D Game in Unity
  • Create and Manage Huge Worlds
  • Data Analysis with Pandas
  • Data Insights with Cluster Analysis
  • Data-Driven Development with External APIs
  • Develop an AR App for the Retail Industry
  • Discover AI and State Machines in Unity
  • Discover SFML for C++ Game Development
  • Hypothesis Testing for Data Science
  • Intermediate SQL - Create and Alter Databases
  • Intro to Web Development with HTML and CSS
  • Language Recognition AI with Unity and Azure
  • Machine Learning for Beginners with TensorFlow
  • Player Trading using Azure PlayFab
  • Python Programming for Beginners
  • The Complete Kivy App Development Course
  • Unreal Engine Game Development for Beginners
  • Video and Optical Flow - Create a Smart Speed Camera
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Humble Monthly 2021 - April