Humble "Shadowrun TTRPG" Bundle

Humble "Shadowrun TTRPG" Bundle

Pay what you want... starting at only $1. Enter a world where technology, megacorps, and magic collide in the iconic tabletop role-playing game Shadowrun! A new Humble Bundle.

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Included RPG content:

  • 30 Nights
  • Age of Rust
  • Assassins Night
  • Collapsing Now
  • Cutting Black
  • Double Clutch
  • Free Seattle
  • Ingentis Athletes
  • Krime Katalog
  • Neo-Anarchist Streetpedia
  • No Future
  • Power Plays
  • Slip Streams
  • SR6 core (Seattle edition)
  • Street Wyrd
  • The Third Parallel