Humble March Bundle with CONTROL

Humble RPG Game Dev Assets Bundle

Humble RPG Game Dev Assets Bundle teaser

Build the role-playing game of your dreams with this bundle of assets! Make your game look and sound the way you want. Pay what you want starting at $1.

2D Art, Music and Sound Effects.

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Normally, the total cost for the content in this bundle is as much as US$871.

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Included game dev assets:

  • 2D Characters Male
  • 2D Hand Painted Mine Tileset
  • 2D Hand Painted Snowland Tileset
  • 58 Fantasy RPG Items
  • 7Soul's RPG Graphics - Sprites
  • 7Souls RPG Graphics - Desert Tileset
  • 7Souls RPG Graphics - Town Tileset
  • 7Souls RPG Graphics Tiles - Grasslands
  • Ancient Game SFX Pack
  • Clean City Game Assets
  • Cute RPG UI Kit
  • Dark RPG Chiptune Soundtrack Bundle
  • Dialogue Boxes
  • Dwarves vs Elves RPG Sprites
  • Elemental Magic Sound Effects Vol 1
  • Elemental Magic Sound Effects Vol 2
  • Fantasy Character Bundle
  • Fantasy RPG Items Vol 2
  • Farm & Fort Tileset & Icons
  • Forest Isometric Block Tileset
  • Frozen Village Isometric Block Tileset
  • Hand Painted Extra Objects Tileset
  • Human Fantasy Animated Pack
  • Interface SFX
  • Inventory Sounds Pack
  • JRPG Character Pack
  • JRPG Music Pack
  • Japanese Bar Interior Assets
  • Japanese City Game Assets
  • Lighthearted RPG Location Soundtrack Bundle
  • Lighthearted RPG Soundtrack Bundle
  • Medieval RPG UI Kit
  • Monster Creature Animated Pack
  • Monster Creature Super Mix
  • Osaka City Game Assets
  • Over 80 RPG Characters with Animations
  • Pixel Art Beach Tile Set
  • Pixel Art Forest Road
  • Pixel Art Medieval Fantasy Characters
  • Pixel Art Medieval Interiors
  • Pixel Art Medieval UI Pack
  • Pixel Art Old Castle
  • Pixel Art Town
  • RPG Inventory - Fantasy Battles Axes
  • RPG Inventory - Fantasy Bows
  • RPG Inventory - Fantasy Daggers
  • RPG Inventory - Fantasy Potions
  • RPG Inventory - Fantasy Spears
  • RPG Inventory - Fantasy Swords
  • RPG Music Pack - Complete Collection
  • Side View Animated RPG Battlers
  • Spells & Ability Icons
  • Survival Icons
  • Tyler Warren RPG Battlers Pixel Style
  • Warrior Adventure Game Characters
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Humble March Bundle with CONTROL