Humble RPG Book Bundle: Dungeons Mazes & Barrows

Humble RPG Book Bundle: Dungeons Mazes & Barrows

Add more depth and adventure to your fantasy campaigns! More groups are moving their tabletop RPG games online to play with friends.

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Included videos and books:

  • Decks of Dirty Tricks I
  • Horror Out of Hagsjaw
  • Lost Crypt
  • World Setting Updated World Map
  • A Leeward Shore
  • Bastion of Rime and Salt
  • Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride
  • The Outpost
  • Vakhund Into the Unknown
  • Dirty Bowbe's Roadhouse V. 3
  • Black Spot
  • Book of Taverns V. 1
  • Dead Man's Chest
  • Deck of Dirty Tricks II
  • Lighthouse Anan-Marath
  • Rocky Cape
  • Sinful Whispers
  • Monkey Business
  • Red Lenny's Famous Meat Pies
  • The Dogs of War
  • Quick Threats and Side Treks
  • Art of Sea Kings Malice
  • Deck of Dirty Tricks III
  • Ecology of Sahuagin
  • Poster PDF of Sea King's City
  • Poster PDF Sea Kings Ship Maps
  • Sea Kings Malice
  • Sea Kings Malice Monster Appendix
  • Barrowmaze
  • A Drinking Problem
  • Skeletons of the Illyrian Fleet
  • Storming the Queens' Desire
  • Tales of the Old Margreve
  • The Sunken Library of Qezzit Quire
  • Under Dark and Misty Ground
  • The Hallowed Ring
  • The Pestilent