Humble "Programming Bootcamp" Bundle

Humble "Programming Bootcamp" Bundle

Pay what you want starting at only $1. Get trained up on coding quick. Looking for a crash course in Python, Javascript, and other popular programming languages? Don't miss the latest Humble Bundle.

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Included e-Books:

  • Web Design Playground
  • Unity in Action
  • Deep Learning and the Game of Go
  • Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja
  • The Quick Python Book
  • Get Programming in Go
  • Machine Learning Bookcamp
  • liveVideo! Grokking Deep Learning in Motion Video
  • liveProject! Six Small Algorithm Projects Video
  • Tiny Python Projects
  • React Native in Action
  • D3.js in Action
  • Data Wrangling with JavaScript
  • liveProject! Think Computationally with Five Small Python Projects Video
  • liveVideo! Machine Learning for Mere Mortals Video
  • iOS Development with Swift
  • Get Programming with JavaScript
  • Hello World! Computer programming for Kids and Other Beginners
  • liveProject! Zero-Knowledge Sudoku Video