Humble Pathfinder Monster Lore RPG Book Bundle

Humble Pathfinder Monster Lore RPG Book Bundle teaser

Get official Pathfinder RPG books from Paizo like Dragonslayer's Handbook, Dungeon Denizens Revisited, Hell Unleashed, Mystery Monsters Revisited, and Monster Summoner's Handbook. Don't miss Humble Bundle's newest bundle! Pay what you want starting at $1.

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This bundle contains:

  • Animal Archive
  • Book of the Damned
  • Classic Horrors Revisited
  • Classic Monsters Revisited
  • Cohorts & Companions
  • Darklands Revisited
  • Demon Hunter's Handbook
  • Demons Revisited
  • Dragons Revisited
  • Dragons Unleashed
  • Dragonslayer's Handbook
  • Dungeon Denizens Revisited
  • Familiar Folio
  • Fey Revisited
  • Giant Hunter's Handbook
  • Giants Revisited
  • Heaven Unleashed
  • Hell Unleashed
  • Inner Sea Bestiary
  • Inner Sea Monster Codex
  • Legacy of Dragons
  • Misfit Monsters Redeemed
  • Monster Hunter's Handbook
  • Monster Summoner's Handbook
  • Mystery Monsters Revisited
  • Mythical Monsters Revisited
  • Occult Bestiary
  • Undead Revisited
  • Undead Slayer's Handbook
  • Undead Unleashed
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