Humble Monthly 2021 February

Humble Mobile Bundle 4

Humble Mobile Bundle 4 teaser

New Mobile Game Bundle - Pay What You Want!

Feed your android mobile with 6 remarkable games including an action platformer, a racer, a first person shooter, a tabletop strategy game and much more!

Pay what you want starting at Only $1 for 4 games!

Beat the average ($2.97) and get the complete Bundle!

All games in this bundle are DRM-Free android games and direct downloadable.

Hint: Humble Bundle will add more games later!

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 100


Drm-free | Android | Action, General, Indie

A wacky, chaotic, action game with a rogue-like permadeath, unlockable heroes, timelord, chickenguns, donkey kong levels, gameboy levels and much more. Fight your way through as many levels and worlds as you can, defeat the Black Duck Army, and close the

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Steam % 86

Breach & Clear

Drm-free | Android | Action, RPG, Simulation, Strategy

Breach & Clear brings deep tactical strategy simulation to PC, Mac and Linux! Build your Special Operations team, plan and execute advanced missions, and own every angle. Choose your real-world squad -- US Army Rangers, Germany's KSK, Canada’s

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Metascore 85

BADLAND ‐ premium = All in-app purchases unlocked!

Drm-free | Android | Action Adventure

BADLAND takes side-scrollers to the next level with its innovative physics based gameplay combined with the extremely beautiful atmospheric graphics and audio.

Metascore 79

Zombie Gunship

Drm-free | Android | Action

Zombie Gunship puts you in the gunner seat of a ground attack aircraft. Strategically fire your powerful guns to slay endless waves of zombies and protect the remaining survivors.

Riptide GP2

Drm-free | Android | Snow / Water

Riptide GP2 kicks everything into overdrive – with multiplayer races, upgradable hydro jets and riders, improved graphics, an all-new career mode, and a stunt system with new tricks!

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Drm-free | Android | Parlor Games, Strategy

The Legendary Struggle For Catan Continues! Play the board game classic and its expansions ”Seafarers” and ”Cities & Knights” and create your own empire on Catan including individual maps and scenarios. Found settlements, build roads and prove ...

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Drm-free | Android | Action

An exciting, arcade-style game where you take on the role of an exceptional free runner who won't be held down by the system. Inspired by the practice and principles of parkour!

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Drm-free | Android | Parlor Games

A social board game of skill and strategy for all ages. Play with up to three friends or play online.

Color Sheep

Drm-free | Android | Action

Change Lamb Woolson’s color in this fast-paced arcade game to match oncoming wolves.

Humble Monthly 2021 February