Humble Microcontrollers Raspberry Pi & Arduino Bundle

Humble Microcontrollers Raspberry Pi & Arduino Bundle

One order of Raspberry Pi, please!

Maker Media and Humble Bundle

has teamed up for their latest Bundle!

Pay what you want starting at $318 - Pay more, get more!

Normally, the total cost for this bundle is as much as $333.

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Included e-books:

  • Jumpstarting C
  • Jumpstarting JavaScript
  • Jumpstarting Raspberry Pi Vision: Machine Learning and Facial Recognition
  • Jumpstarting the Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • Learn Electronics with Arduino
  • Make a Mind-Controlled Arduino Robot
  • Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot
  • Make: A Raspberry Pi-Controlled Robot
  • Make: Action: Movement, Light, and Sound with Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets
  • Make: Bluetooth
  • Make: Drones
  • Make: Getting Started with Arduino
  • Make: Getting Started with Raspberry Pi
  • Make: Lego and Arduino Projects
  • Make: Magazine Volume 63: AI or Die!
  • Make: Magazine Volume 64: Connected Everything
  • Make: Raspberry Pi and AVR Projects
  • Make: Sensors