Humble Indie Font Bundle

BUNDLE for FREE Humble Indie Font Bundle

Real, actual fonts for FREE.

The Humble Indie Font Bundle is something HB did for fun on April Fools, now it's available for free! A package filled to the brim with FONTS! Grab the fonts Halfvetica, Sans Sans and Unicharacter, Bike Courier, After Impact, Times Old Roman and Cosmic Sans.

These fonts are real and can be installed on your word processor or whatever software you prefer to install fonts on.

Fonts in this bundle:

  • Halfvetica
  • Sans Sans
  • Unicharacter
  • Bike Courier
  • After Impact
  • Times Old Roman
  • Cosmic Sans

These fonts come in DRM-free .ttf files so that you can font to your heart's content.
Grab them all for FREE now!