Humble "Game Theory" Bundle

Humble “Game Theory” Bundle

Pay what you want starting at $1. Master math, stats, and game theory! Want to master math, learn logic, and gain control of game theory? Don’t miss Humble Bundle’s latest bundle!

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This bundle contains:

  • An Introduction to Multivariable Mathematics
  • An Introduction to Numerical Methods for the Physical Sciences
  • An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
  • An Introduction to Proofs with Set Theory
  • Analytical Performance Modeling for Computer Systems, Third Edition
  • Analytical Techniques for Solving Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
  • C Programming and Numerical Analysis: An Introduction
  • Continuous Distributions in Engineering and the Applied Sciences — Part I
  • Continuous Distributions in Engineering and the Applied Sciences — Part II
  • Discrete Distributions in Engineering and the Applied Sciences
  • Essentials of Applied Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists, Second Edition
  • Essentials of Game Theory: A Concise Multidisciplinary Introduction
  • Fast Start Advanced Calculus
  • Fast Start Differential Calculus
  • Fast Start Integral Calculus
  • Introduction to Logic, Third Edition
  • Introduction to Statistics Using R
  • MatLab for Engineering and Life Sciences
  • Mathematical Basics of Motion and Deformation in Computer Graphics, Second Edition
  • Matrices in Engineering Problems
  • Monte Carlo Methods: A Hands-On Computational Introduction Utilizing Excel
  • Probability and Statistics for STEM: A Course in One Semester
  • Select Ideas in Partial Differential Equations
  • Statistics is Easy! 2nd Edition
  • Statistics is Easy: Case Studies on Real Scientific Datasets