Humble "Escape Ordinary with Vault"  Bundle

Humble "Escape Ordinary with Vault" Bundle

Pay what you want. Escape ordinary thanks to Vault Comics. From our friends at Vault Comics, get an instant library of their most popular titles from some of comics’ hottest creators!  A new Humble Bundle.

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This bundle contains:

  • Barbaric Vol. 1: Murderable Offenses
  • Cult Classic: Creature Feature
  • Engineward: The Complete Series
  • Fearscape Vol. 1
  • Heathen Vol. 1
  • Hollow Heart: The Complete Series
  • Human Remains: The Complete Series
  • I Walk With Monsters: The Complete Series
  • Money Shot Vol. 1
  • Resonant Vol. 1
  • Sera and the Royal Stars Vol. 1
  • Shadow Service Vol. 1: Dark Arts
  • Songs for the Dead Vol. 1
  • The Autumnal: The Complete Series
  • The Last Book You'll Ever Read: The Complete Series
  • The Plot Vol. 1
  • Vagrant Queen Vol. 1
  • Vampire: The Masquerade Vol. 1: Winter's Teeth
  • Wasted Space Vol. 1

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