Humble "Dragons, Dungeons, & Maps" Bundle

Humble "Dragons, Dungeons, & Maps" Bundle

Is your game draggin'?

Perk up with this book bundle from Frog God Games and a host of other awesome publishers, presented by Humble Bundle.

All together, these books would cost $446.

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Included ebooks:

  • A Lion in the Ropes
  • Against Tsathogga
  • Bill Webb's Deck of Dirty Tricks
  • Bits of the Boulevard
  • Bits of the Wilderness: Into the Swamp
  • Blight Maladies Luxury Edition GM Reference Deck
  • Castle on the Hill
  • Coastal City Map
  • Demon Cults & Secret Societies
  • E-Z Dungeons: Deluxe Edition Card Model Set
  • Ends Meet
  • Falls the Divide
  • Fifth Edition Feats
  • Giant's Rapture
  • Goblins and Gnolls
  • Harvest of Oaths
  • Heroes of High Fantasy: Artifices of Quartztoil Tower
  • Heroes of High Fantasy: Creaking in the Dark
  • Heroes of High Fantasy: Greenskin Diplomacy
  • Mystical Companions
  • Quests of Doom 4: A Midnight Council of Quail
  • Quests of Doom 4: Between a Rock and a Charred Place
  • Quests of Doom 4: God of Ore
  • Quests of Doom 4: In the Time of Shardfall
  • Quests of Doom 4: Nightstone Keep
  • Quests of Doom 4: The Covered Bridge
  • Quests of Doom 4: The Hunter's Game
  • Quests of Doom 4: The Missing Pin
  • Quests of Doom 4: War of Shadows
  • Rappan Athuk Maps Over 100 Maps!
  • Ravenfell Core Set Card Model Set
  • Shades of Mist
  • Shards of the City
  • Snow: Ship Deck Maps Includes 4 Maps
  • The Blight Pathologies Vol. 2-7
  • The Mortality of Green
  • The Old Countries Map
  • The Outskirts Map
  • The Pyramid Beacon Map
  • Treasures from Heart of the Razor
  • Ultimate Bestiary: Revenge of the Horde
  • Ultimate NPCs: Skulduggery
  • Upon the Powder River
  • World of Jordoba: Players Guide
  • World of Jordoba: World Map Map

These DRM-FREE books are available in PDF, ePUB, and MOBI, meaning you can read them anywhere at any time.