Humble "Data Science & Machine Learning" Bundle

Humble "Data Science & Machine Learning" Bundle teaser

Build technology skills and grow your career.

An all-new bundle byHumble Bundle.Pay what you want starting at $1 - Pay more, get more! Create progress through technology and develop the skills of tomorrow with this bundle of online courses through Pluralsight!

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Included content:

  • Data Science: The Big Picture
  • Combining and Shaping Data
  • Designing a Machine Learning Model
  • Exploring and Preparing your Data with BigQuery
  • Managing Big Data with AWS Storage Options
  • Using PyTorch in the Cloud: PyTorch Playbook
  • AWS Big Data in Production
  • Image Understanding with TensorFlow on GCP
  • Building Regression Models Using TensorFlow
  • Natural Language Processing with PyTorch
  • Production Machine Learning Systems
  • Interpreting Data Using Descriptive Statistics with R
  • Foundations of PyTorch
  • Machine Learning: Executive Briefing
  • Web Scraping: Python Data Playbook
  • Data Analysis with Shiny: R Playbook
  • Designing an Intelligent Edge in Microsoft Azure
  • Analyzing Text on AWS with Amazon Comprehend
  • End-to-End Machine Learning with TensorFlow on GCP
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