Humble "Coding Starter Kit" Bundle

Humble "Coding Starter Kit" Bundle teaser

Adventures in programming.

An all-new bundle by Humble Bundle. Pay what you want starting at $1 - Pay more, get more! Ready, set, code! Designed for kids, this bundle of ebooks is the perfect first step for anyone ready to jump into the world of coding. Parents and teachers can learn alongside their children and students.

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Included content:

  • Lauren Ipsum: A Story About Computer Science and Other Improbable Things
  • The Official ScratchJr Book: Help Your Kids Learn to Code
  • 25 Scratch 3 Games for Kids: A Playful Guide to Coding
  • Build Your Own Website: A Comic Guide to HTML, CSS, and WordPress
  • Make Your Own Scratch Games!
  • Super Scratch Programming Adventure! (Scratch 3)
  • A Beginner's Guide to Circuits: Nine Simple Projects with Lights, Sounds, and More!
  • Learn Robotics with Raspberry Pi: Build and Code Your Own Moving, Sensing, Thinking Robots
  • Micro:bit for Mad Scientists: 30 Clever Coding and Electronics Projects for Kids
  • JavaScript for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming
  • Electronics for Kids: Play with Simple Circuits and Experiment with Electricity!
  • Coding with Minecraft: Build Taller, Farm Faster, Mine Deeper, and Automate the Boring Stuff
  • Python for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming
  • Doing Math with Python: Use Programming to Explore Algebra, Statistics, Calculus, and More!
  • Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python
  • 4th Edition
  • Mission Python: Code a Space Adventure Game!
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