Humble "Classic Traveller" Bundle

Humble "Classic Traveller" Bundle

Pay what you want starting at only $1. A galaxy of sci-fi role-playing. Embark on science-fiction adventure in the far future in the RPG classic The Traveller, created by award-winning designer Marc Miller! Don't miss the latest Humble Bundle.

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Included Mangas:

  • A01 The Kinunir
  • A02 Research Station Gamma
  • A03 Twilight's Peak
  • A04 Leviathan
  • A05 Trillion Credit Squadron
  • AM01 Aslan Alien Module
  • AM02 Kkree Alien Module
  • Classic Traveller Facsimile Edition
  • D01 Annic Nova
  • D01 Shadows
  • D02 Bright Face
  • D02 Mithril
  • D03 Argon Gambit
  • D03 Death Station
  • High Guard
  • History of the Imperium
  • Illustrated Guide to Classic Traveller
  • M03 Spinward Campaign
  • M05 Alien Realms
  • Mercenary
  • Planetarium
  • Planetarium: Expansion Khetorash
  • Planetarium: Expansion Kolser
  • Planetarium: Expansion Semisole
  • Planetarium: Rasmussen's Guide: Dwarf Planet Divot
  • Planetarium: Rasmussen's Guide: El Dorado
  • Planetarium: Rasmussen's Guide: Ice Planet Rasmussen
  • Planetarium: Rasmussen's Guide: Radiosynthetic Geiger
  • Planetarium: Rasmussen's Guide: Thermosynthetic Carousel
  • Planetarium: Rasmussen's Guide: Tidally Locked Planet Utopia
  • Planetarium: Rasmussen's Guide: Titan
  • S01 1001 Characters
  • S02 Animal Encounters
  • S03 The Spinward Marches
  • S04 Citizens of the Imperium
  • S05 Lightning Class Cruisers
  • SS1 Merchant Prince
  • Starship Deck Plans
  • The Traveller Adventure
  • The Traveller Book Core Rules
  • Tome of Aliens: Tokens