Humble Bundle: Full-Stack Web Development Bundle Deal

Humble Bundle: Full-Stack Web Development Bundle Deal

Want to expand your web knowledge and develop a more versatile skill set? Pick up this library full of expert resources for full stack developers from Springer/Apress! You can pay what you want starting at just $1.

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Get expert knowledge for client & server dev with:

  • Domain-Driven Laravel framework ...and PHP 8
    ​This book maps the concepts and ideas in DDD (Domain-driven design) and transposes those concepts into clean, testable and quality code to prototype and work effectively alongside the Laravel framework. Readers will learn to implement the concepts and patterns present in DDL as a complete web application.
  • PHP 8 Solutions
    David Powers has updated his definitive PHP 8 Solutions book to incorporate the latest techniques and changes to PHP with the arrival of PHP 8.
  • Beginning React and Firebase
  • Building Offline Applications with Angular
  • Creating Apps with React Native
  • Database-Driven Web Development
  • Decoupled Django
  • Docs for Developers
  • Essential TypeScript 4
  • Foundation Gatsby Projects
  • jQuery Recipes
  • Learn API Testing
  • MERN Projects for Beginners
  • Modern Front-end Architecture
  • Practical Enterprise React
  • Practical Svelte
  • Pro Angular
  • Pro Data Visualization Using R and JavaScript
  • React and Libraries
  • Real-Time Twilio and Flybase
  • Spring Boot with React and AWS
  • Spring REST
  • The Definitive Guide to Jakarta Faces in Jakarta EE 10
  • Thomas Valentine
  • Web App Development and Real-Time Web Analytics with Python
  • WebAssembly for Cloud