Humble Bundle: "Working with Audio" Bundle 2022

Humble Bundle: "Working with Audio" Bundle 2022

Pay what you want starting at just $1. Shape sound and make music. Master the art and science of creating amazing audio with this bundle from Taylor & Francis!

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This package contains the asset packs:

  • Audio Mastering: The Artists: Discussions from Pre-Production to Mastering
  • Beep to Boom: The Development of Advanced Runtime Sound Systems for Games and Extended Reality
  • Cloud-Based Music Production: Sampling, Synthesis, and Hip-Hop
  • Creative Music Composition: The Young Composer's Voice
  • Digital Sampling: The Design and Use of Music Technologies
  • Foundations in Sound Design for Interactive Media: A Multidisciplinary Approach
  • Foundations in Sound Design for Linear Media: A Multidisciplinary Approach
  • Game Audio with FMOD and Unity
  • How to Make Great Music Mashups: The Start-to-Finish Guide to Making Mashups with Ableton Live
  • Music in the Role-Playing Game: Heroes & Harmonies
  • Music In Video Games: Studying Play
  • Music Production: Learn How to Record, Mix, and Master Music
  • Recording Tips for Engineers: For Cleaner, Brighter Tracks
  • Recording Voiceover: The Spoken Word in Media
  • The Art of Producing: How to Create Great Audio Projects
  • The Film and Media Creators' Guide to Music
  • The Foley Grail: The Art of Performing Sound for Film, Games, and Animation
  • Ubiquitous Music Ecologies