Humble Bundle: "UNITY TOOLS" Bundle - Holiday Encore

Humble Bundle: "UNITY TOOLS" Bundle - Holiday Encore

Pay what you want. The ultimate Unity game creator’s kit. Back for a Holiday Encore! Build the game you’re envisioning with this massive bundle of versatile tools for Unity, the world’s leading platform for real-time content creation! A new Humble Bundle.

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This bundle contains:

  • Archimatix Pro
  • Better UI
  • Blocks Engine 2
  • Bones Stimulator
  • Broccoli Tree Creator
  • CCG Kit
  • DestroyIt - Destruction System
  • Dialogue System for Unity
  • EndlessBook
  • FluXY - 2.5D fluid simulator
  • Fullscreen Editor
  • Magic Light Probes
  • Mech Combat Kit
  • Performance Tools
  • Prefab World Builder
  • Procedural Circular Health Bar Pro
  • RPG Cameras & Controllers
  • Script Inspector 3
  • Smart Lighting 2D
  • Storyteller
  • TopDown Engine
  • Train Controller (Railroad System) ULTIMATE COLLECTION
  • True Shadow - UI Soft Shadow and Glow
  • UniStorm - Volumetric Clouds, Sky, Modular Weather, and Cloud Shadows
  • Very Animation

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