Humble Bundle: "The Tactician's" Steam Game Bundle

Humble Bundle: "The Tactician's" Steam Game Bundle

Pay what you want starting at only $1. Plan your next move. Think carefully and stay a step ahead of your enemies in this bundle of turn-based and real-time tactics and strategy games. A new Humble Bundle.

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A world of vampires, werewolves, and wraiths.

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 92

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Strategy

Take control of the most technologically advanced army in the Imperium - The Adeptus Mechanicus.

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Steam % 85

Star Renegades

Steam | Windows | Action, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy

Star Renegades is a dimension spanning rogue-lite strategy RPG.

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Steam % 77

Hard West

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy

When a tragic turn of events sets one man down a path of supernatural chaos and revenge, he must brutally hunt down all those who wronged him.

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Steam % 76

Gears Tactics

Steam | Windows | Strategy

Gears Tactics is the fast-paced, turn-based strategy game from one of the most-acclaimed video game franchises – Gears of War.

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Steam % 75

Phantom Doctrine

Steam | Windows | Action, RPG, Strategy

The year is 1983.

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Steam % 74

Dark Deity

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy

Step into the world of Terrazael and lead soon-to-be legendary heroes in a quest to restore a land fractured by broken oaths, reckless wars, and untamed magic.

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Steam % 71

Red Solstice 2: Survivors

Steam | Windows | RPG, Strategy

Sequel to the best-seller ​The Red Solstice​.

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Steam % 64

John Wick Hex

Steam | Windows, Mac | Action, Strategy

John Wick Hex is a fast-paced, action-oriented strategy game that makes you think and strike like John Wick, the professional hitman of the critically acclaimed film franchise.

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