Humble Bundle - Summer Games Done Quick 2014 Bundle for CHARITY!

Humble Bundle - Summer Games Done Quick 2014 Bundle teaser

100% goes to charity "Doctors Without Borders"!

This Indie Game Bundle contains some awesome games including Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, Gunpoint, Noitu Love 2 Devolution, Bleed, Electronic Super Joy, Guacamelee! Gold Edition, Psychonauts, Dustforce, The Basement Collection and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Rise of the Owlverlord.

All 10 games are redeemable on Steam and also available as DRM-Free download. 6 titles are also with Steam Trading Cards.

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 98
Metascore 83


Steam, Drm-free | Windows | Action, Indie, Miscellaneous, Strategy

Gunpoint is a stealth puzzle game that lets you rewire its levels to trick people. You play a freelance spy who takes jobs from his clients to break into high security buildings and steal sensitive data.

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Steam % 95
Metascore 87


Steam, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Platformer

A Psychic Odyssey Through the Minds of Misfits, Monsters, and Madmen. This classic action/adventure platformer from acclaimed developers Double Fine Productions follows the story of a young psychic named Razputin.

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Steam % 94
Metascore 88

Guacamelee! Gold Edition

Steam, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | 2D, Action, Adventure, Indie

This game builds upon the classic open-world Metroid-vania style of games, by adding a melee combat component, a dimension switching mechanic, and cooperative same-screen multiplayer.

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Steam % 91

Electronic Super Joy

Steam, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Indie, Rhythm Games

Run, jump, smash & fly your way through this brutally hard platformer set in a world of pulse-pounding electronic music.

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Steam % 88
Metascore 79


Steam, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | 2D, Action, Indie, Platformer

Take control of a nimble janitor to rid the world of dust and debris.

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Steam % 84
Metascore 84

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Rise of the Owlverlord

Steam, Drm-free | Windows | Action, Indie

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Rise of the Owlverlord is a blistering platformer with morphing worlds, featuring seven brand new levels, a new boss and new gripping tracks from Chris Hülsbeck and Machinae Supremacy! Dash through tricky levels and transform the whole world at will in this fast-paced platformer.

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Metascore 80

Noitu Love 2: Devolution

Steam, Drm-free | Windows | Action

A century after the legendary boy Noitu Love saved the world from the evil Darns they rise again. An adventure of explosive action across time periods and through impressive battles!

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Metascore 72

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Steam, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | Horror

The Swine are Rising! An intense and terrifying journey into the heart of darkness that lurks within us all. Step back into the horror.

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Steam, Drm-free | Windows, Mac | Action

Wryn wants to be the ultimate videogame hero! Help her take down the Greatest Heroes of All Time! An action-platformer focused on stylish, acrobatic dodging and fluid, challenging gameplay.

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The Basement Collection

Steam, Drm-free | Windows, Mac | Compilation

A compilation of 9 award winning indie games by Edmund McMillen, creator of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac. All of the games have been revamped and updated.

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