Humble Bundle: "Start Writing Today" Bundle

Humble Bundle: "Start Writing Today" Bundle

Pay what you want. Inspiration and motivation for writers. The old advice “Just write” is easier said than done—and this bundle of books from New World Library is here to help you get the words flowing. A new Humble Bundle.

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Discover advice, tips, exercises, and encouragement for writers of all stripes in Step Out of Your Story, Author's Checklist, Fast Fiction, and more ebooks to help spark your creativity

This bundle contains:

  • A Writer's Book of Days (Revised)
  • A Year of Writing Dangerously
  • Author's Checklist
  • Fast Fiction
  • Kicking in the Wall
  • Set the Page on Fire
  • Seven Steps to Confident Writing
  • Step Out of Your Story
  • Story Sparks
  • The Bright Way
  • Write From the Heart
  • Write Starts
  • Writing Wild

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