Humble Bundle: "Royalty Free Music Mania" Bundle

Humble Bundle: "Royalty Free Music Mania" Bundle

Pay what you want. Supercharge your soundtrack. Score your game, movie, or other creative project with this bundle of high-quality music! Featuring hundreds of tracks, loops, and more audio elements, this sonic library will help you craft a fitting soundtrack for your fantasy fantasy role-playing epic, arcade beat-em-up, cinematic action sequence, and much more. A new Humble Bundle.

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This bundle contains:

  • Action & Dramatic Soundtrack
  • Action Cinematic Logos and Loops
  • Action Combat Orchestral Music Pack
  • Action Game Loops Pack
  • Action Game Music Mix
  • Andrey Sitkov <>,
  • Beat'em Up Game Music Pack
  • Big Action Music Bundle 1
  • Big Action Music Bundle 2
  • Big Casual and Arcade Game Music Bundle
  • Big Commercial Music Bundle
  • Big Orchestral Music Bundle
  • Big Retro Game Music Collection
  • Cinematic Music Mix
  • Combat Music Pack
  • Cosmos Music Pack
  • Danger In Space - Dramatic Space Music Pack
  • Dark Medieval Music Pack
  • Dramatic Background Music Pack
  • Dramatic Electronic Music & Ambient
  • Dramatic Retro Game Music Pack
  • Dramatic Symphonic Game Music Pack
  • Electronic Dramatic Pulsing Action Music Pack
  • Electronic Industrial Music Pack
  • Emotional Strings (String Ensemble Pack)
  • Energetic Driving Rock Music Pack
  • Epic Battle Trailers Music Pack
  • Epic Cinematic Percussion Loops
  • Epic Percussion Rhythms and Loops
  • Fantasy Adventure Game Music Pack
  • Fantasy Adventure Orchestral Loops Pack
  • Fantasy Dramatic & Peaceful Music Pack
  • Heavy Riffs - Full Collection
  • Horror and Thriller Ambient Pack
  • Lyric & Relaxing Background Music Pack
  • Lyric Fantasy Background Music Pack
  • Lyric Voices (Choir Music Pack)
  • Lyric Voices 2 - Choir Music Pack
  • Medieval and Adventure Game Music Loops
  • Modern Action Rock Music Pack
  • Music Loops Mini Set
  • Music Loops Mini Set 2
  • Mystical Game Music Pack
  • Powerful Rock Music Pack
  • Retro Action Game Soundtrack
  • Romantic Pop Music Pack
  • Scary & Mystical Dark Space Ambient
  • Scary and Mystical Music Pack
  • Scary Horror Ambience Pack
  • Short Action Logos and Loops Pack
  • Short Hard Rock Music Loops
  • Space Adventure Music Pack
  • Space Ambience Pack
  • Triumphant Orchestral Music Pack

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