Humble Bundle: "Multiverse Score" for GameDev Bundle

Humble Bundle: "Multiverse Score" for GameDev Bundle

Pay what you want. Score your game, film, or other creative project. Experience a variety of genres, from the thunderous Metal Music Pack and mesmerizing Electronic Music Pack to the enchanting Fantasy Music Pack, spine-chilling Horror Music Pack, nostalgic Chiptune Music Pack, and more—over 500 music files total. A new Humble Bundle.

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Ovanisound Unreal & Unity Audio Plugin: Adding music to a game can be overwhelming. The Unreal Audio Plugin takes the headache out of the process and frees you to handle the more creative aspects of game development. You’ll see how you are able to easily trigger changes in song intensity, song selection, and random song play through our easy to use UI. All of this while working with seamless looping capability. Pair this with one of our specially-made music packs, and you’re set up to make a captivating experience that players can get lost in.

This bundle contains the Ovanisound Unreal & Unity Audio Plugin and many music packs.

  • Ambient Music Pack
  • Chiptune Music Pack
  • Classical Music Pack
  • Electronic Music Pack
  • Fantasy Music Pack
  • Horror Music Pack
  • Japanese Music Pack
  • Metal Music Pack
  • Orchestral Rock Music Pack
  • Unity Audio Plugin
  • Unplugged Music Pack
  • Unreal Audio Plugin

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