Humble Bundle - Lord of the Rings RPG Books

Humble Bundle - Lord of the Rings RPG Books

Adventure awaits you in Middle Earth!

An all-new bundle by

Humble Bundle.

Pay what you want starting at $1 - Pay more, get more! Get the ebooks you need to play 5th edition campaigns in the world of Arda and visit well-known places like the Shire, the Elven Kingdoms, and more.

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Included content:

  • The Eaves of Mirkwood & Loremaster's Screen
  • Rhovanion Region Guide
  • Adventures in Middle-earth Player's Guide
  • The Road Goes Ever On
  • Mirkwood Campaign
  • Wilderland Adventures
  • Adventures in Middle-earth Loremaster's Guide
  • Erebor Adventures
  • Lonely Mountain Region Guide
  • Bree-land Region Guide
  • Eriador Adventures
  • Rivendell Region Guide