Humble Bundle: "Learn Coding" Mega Bundle

Humble Bundle: "Learn Coding" Mega Bundle

Pay what you want. Learn coding & AI by building real projects. Learn to code with the world’s most popular tools and languages! Build apps and AI with Python and ChatGPT, and discover visual coding with Scratch. A new Humble Bundle.

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This bundle contains:

  • Beginning SQL - Store and Query Your Data
  • Create a Bot with Python and ChatGPT
  • Create a Micro Turn-Based RPG
  • Create a Python App with PySimpleGUI
  • Create a Road Crossing Game with Phaser 3
  • CSS Foundations
  • Develop an AR App for the Retail Industry
  • Explore Roblox Scripting with Lua
  • HTML Foundations
  • Intermediate JavaScript - Build a Dynamic Data Table
  • Intermediate JS Game Development with Kontra.js
  • Intermediate Scratch - Self-Driving Car Simulation
  • Intro to Augmented Reality
  • Intro to C++ Data Structures
  • Intro to Coding with Scratch
  • Intro to Game Development with Unity
  • Intro to Godot 4 Game Development
  • Intro to Java for Android Development
  • Intro to Roblox Game Making
  • Intro to Unreal Engine Game Development
  • iOS App Development for Beginners
  • Java Foundations
  • JavaScript Mini-Projects - Language Learning Game
  • JavaScript Programming for Beginners
  • Kotlin for Beginners
  • Machine Learning with Python and Tensorflow
  • Python Projects - Object-Oriented Game
  • Responsive Web Design for Beginners
  • The Complete Introduction to C++
  • Web-Based Chatbot with Python and ChatGPT

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