Humble Bundle: Introduction to BATTLETECH Bundle

Humble Bundle: Introduction to BATTLETECH Bundle

Pay what you want starting at just $1. Deploy your BattleMechs. Aspiring MechWarriors, are you looking to jump into the BattleTech tabletop armored combat game? Equip yourself with this bundle of over 20 resources and get started on your journey!

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This package contains the asset packs:

  • Alpha Strike: Commander's Edition
  • Battlemech Manual
  • Battle Of Tukayyid
  • Battle Of Tukayyid Supplemental
  • Battletech: Primer
  • Battletech: Touring The Stars: Tyrfing
  • Chaos Campaign: Succession Wars
  • Combat Manual: Kurita
  • Combat Manual: Mercenaries
  • Empire Alone
  • Era Report 3145
  • Field Manual: 3145
  • House Arano: The Aurigan Coalition
  • Ilclan
  • Legends
  • Pseudotech: Arcade Operations
  • Recognition Guide: Ilclan Vol. 1
  • Shattered Fortress
  • Spotlight On: Crescent Hawks
  • Tamar Rising
  • Technical Readout: Clan Invasion
  • Technical Readout: Succession Wars
  • Total Chaos
  • Total Warfare
  • Turning Points: Irian
  • Turning Points: Misery
  • Turning Points: Tyrfing