Humble Bundle: Excel / Power BI Data-Science & Machine Learning e-Learning Deal

Humble Bundle: Excel / Power BI Data-Science & Machine Learning e-Learning Deal

Pay what you want starting at just $1. Level up your skills through 40 online courses. Learn basic & advanced Excel functions, enhance your ability to wrangle data, and boost your BI prowess with this bundle of online courses from Mammoth Interactive!

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This e-learning package contains books on the topics:

  • Advanced Machine Learning for the Blockchain
  • Advanced Python Programming Fundamentals
  • Automate Browser Commands with Selenium Python
  • Automate Mouse Actions with Selenium Python
  • Automate Web Tasks with Selenium Python
  • Beginners Excel Automation with Power Query and M Query Language
  • Beginners Excel Chart Design
  • Beginners Python Programming Fundamentals
  • Beginners Solidity Programming for Ethereum Smart Contracts
  • Build 3 Data Management Apps with Amazon Honeycode
  • Build 6 Advanced Excel Graphs with Pivot Charts, Slicers and More
  • Build 18 Beginner Excel Charts and Graphs
  • Build a Content Tracker App with Amazon Honeycode
  • Build a Financial Balance Sheet in Excel
  • Build a Profit and Loss Financial Statement Model in Excel
  • Build a Social Media Dapp with Truffle and React
  • Build Beginner Lookup and Finance Functions in Excel Spreadsheets
  • Build Date and Text Functions in Excel Spreadsheets
  • Build Finance Methods in Excel
  • Build Machine Learning Models on Cryptocurrency Data
  • Build Your First 2 Data Apps with Amazon Honeycode
  • Command Line Fundamentals Crash Course
  • Connect Excel PivotTables to Databases
  • Data Transformation for Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning for Stock Market Prediction
  • Differential Privacy and Federated Learning with Python
  • Excel Power BI and DAX with Artificial Intelligence
  • Excel Power BI Data Visualization
  • Fundamental Excel PivotTables - Build an Expense Report And More
  • Fundamental Excel VBA Automation Programming
  • Hack Productivity with List Excel Functions and Useful Tips
  • Intermediate Excel Automation with Power Query and M Query Language
  • Intermediate Excel VBA Automation Programming
  • Intermediate Python Programming Fundamentals
  • Introduction to HTML Web Design
  • Introduction to JavaScript Programming
  • Machine Learning and Data Science for Stock Market Prediction
  • Machine Learning Prerequisite Crash Course
  • Sales Report Analysis and Slicing with Excel PivotTables
  • Smart Contract Development with Solidity, Web3, Ganache and Truffle