Humble Bundle: Dungeons and Pirates Tabletop Bundle

Humble Bundle: Dungeons and Pirates Tabletop Bundle

Pay what you want starting at just $1. Add new dimension to your tabletop RPG or miniatures game with this bundle of 3D printable characters, creatures, and environments from Hayland Terrain!.

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Bring your swashbuckling fantasy adventure to life:

This bundle contains: Bone Ruins, Damaged Kitchen set, Damaged Temple Accessories, Deaths Gaze, Destroyed Small Boat & Accessories, Dock Accessories, Dwarf Chef, Dwarf Pirate Crew, Dwarvern Bar, Dwarvern Ruined Pillar & Cauldron Pack 1, Fairys, Fantasy Bedroom, Fantasy Facade Pack 1, Fantasy Facade Pack 2, Fantasy Library - Bookcases, Fantasy Library - Bookcases - Empty, Fantasy Library - Desks & Chairs, Fantasy Shop Accessories, Fantasy Town Market - 2, Flail Snail, Gelatinous Cube - Running Villager, Ghost, Gorgon, Halfling Facades - Plaster, Halfling Facades - Stone, Heavy Tomb Guardian - Archer Pack, Heavy Tomb Guardian - Sword & Spear Pack, Human Pirate Crew, Ice Portals, Loot Goblin, Mermaids, Narwhals, Orc Pirate Crew, Palisides, Pirate - Giant, Pirate Mercenaries Crew, Pirates - Sign Posts, Pirates of the Dread Sea - Rulebook PDF, PiRat Pirate Crew, Rowing Boat, Ruined Bedroom Set, Ruined Inn Set, Ruined Jungle Temple, Ruined Pillar & Cauldron Pack 1, Sail Boat, Shanty Blacksmith, Ship Wrecks, Sitting Female Townsfolk, Sitting Male Townsfolk, Skeleton Pirate Crew, Skrier Pirate Crew, Skull Cave, Small Boats, Spell Pack - 1, Spell pack - 2, Spell Tracker - 16mm, Spider Temple, Stone Guardian, Street Riot Barricades, Tendrils, The Holy Monks & Rabbit, The Witch Sisters, Three Headed Knight, Treasure Objective Markers, Trojan Bunny, Troll & Goblin Pirate Crew, Viking Hall, Viking Home - 1, Viking Home - 2, Viking Wicker House 1, Viking Wicker House 2, Viking Wicker House 3, Wicker Animal Pen.