Humble Bundle: "Databases and Data-Management" Bundle

Humble Bundle: "Databases and Data-Management" Bundle

Pay what you want. Practical guides for data pros. Do you work with database technology? Add this bundle from the Pragmatic Programmers to your digital bookshelf, and you’ll always have knowledge you need within reach. A new Humble Bundle.

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This bundle contains:

  • A Common-Sense Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms, Second Edition
  • Building Table Views with Phoenix LiveView
  • Complex Network Analysis in Python
  • Data Science Essentials in Python
  • Genetic Algorithms and Machine Learning for Programmers
  • Good Math
  • Pandas Brain Teasers
  • Practical Microservices
  • Programmer Passport: Prolog
  • Programming Machine Learning
  • Pythonic Programming
  • Seven Concurrency Models in Seven Weeks
  • Seven Databases in Seven Weeks, Second Edition
  • SQL Antipatterns, Volume 1
  • Text Processing with Ruby

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