Humble Bundle: "Complete Python" Bundle

Humble Bundle: "Complete Python" Bundle

Pay what you want. Python for machine learning, data science, and more. Learn to harness the power and potential of the Python programming language with this bundle of courses from Mammoth Interactive. A new Humble Bundle.

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This bundle contains books about:

  • Beginners Guide to Coding in Python (20 Hours)
  • Build a Machine Learning Chatbot from Scratch
  • Build a Simple Collector Game with PyGame (First-Time Humble Bundle Exclusive Release)
  • Build Advanced Chatbot with Transformer Neural Network
  • Build Image Style Transfer and Approximation with Python ML
  • Build Python Heaps with Time and Space Complexity
  • Build Python Linked Lists with Time and Space Complexity
  • Build Python Tree Data Structures with Time and Space Complexity
  • Build Top Down RPG Tile-Based Game with PyGame (First-Time Humble Bundle Exclusive Release)
  • Cancer Mass Classifier: Harnessing Machine Learning
  • Clone Flappy Bird with Python in PyGame (First-Time Humble Bundle Exclusive Release)
  • Crafting Three GUI Apps with Python Tkinter
  • Creating a Multi-Table Database App with Python Tkinter
  • Data Analysis and Transformation on Blood Cell Data
  • Data Wizardry: Unleashing the Potential of Data Engineering and Machine Learning
  • Diabetes Prognosticator: Harnessing Machine Learning for Prediction
  • Diffusion Neural Network Artistry: Generating Images
  • Financial Prediction with Python Data Science for Stocks (15 Hours)
  • From Excel to Python: Mastering Data Science Automation
  • Harnessing Machine Learning for Heart Disease Predictive Insights
  • Image Generation with Open Source Stable Diffusion Machine Learning Python
  • Introduction to Data Analysis: Pandas and Python for Beginners
  • Learn Python Arrays with Time and Space Complexity
  • Learn Python Sorting with Time and Space Complexity
  • Machine Learning Magic: Unleashing the Power of Algorithms
  • Malaria Cell Detector: Building a Neural Network for Identification
  • Python Adventures: Building Beginner-Friendly Desktop Apps
  • Python and NumPy for Data Science: Mastering the Foundations
  • Python GUI Duo: Crafting Two User-Friendly Applications
  • Python Mastery: Visualizing Data with PyPlot
  • Python Tkinter & SQLite: Building a Full-Stack Database App
  • Python-Powered Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks for Text-to-Speech
  • Python, Seaborn, and Pandas: Fun Exploratory Data Analysis
  • R Programming Exploration: Data Science and Machine Learning for Beginners
  • R Programming: Hands-on Data Science and Modeling for Practical Applications
  • Teaching Neural Networks to Illustrate: A Complete Guide to Training Python-Based AI for Drawing
  • TensorFlow Android App Development with Logistic Regression Machine Learning
  • TensorFlow JS Neural Networks Demystified: A Beginner's Guide
  • TensorFlow JS Unleashed: Beginners Machine Learning Masterclass
  • TensorFlow Mastery: Constructing Dynamic Machine Learning Models
  • TensorFlow-Powered Android App Development with Machine Learning
  • TensorFlow.js Mastery: Advanced Machine Learning Techniques
  • TensorFlow.js Neural Networks: Advanced Techniques and Applications
  • The Complete Midjourney and Python Image Generation Masterclass (25 Hours)
  • Transforming Sketches into Photos - The Deep Learning Masterclass

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