Humble Bulky Pix Bundle

Humble Bulky Pix Bundle

BulkyPix in bulk!

Humble Bundle filled this package to the brim with Android games. It contains Type:Rider, Meltdown, iPollute, the “Lovers Edition” of Pretentious Game, the complete edition of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf, Corto Maltese, Twin Blades, Dark Lands and more…

Games in this bundle:

  • Type:Rider
  • Meltdown Premium
  • iPollute
  • Pretentious Game – Lovers Edition
  • Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Complete
  • Corto Maltese
  • Twin Blades
  • Dark Lands Premium
  • ..and more games coming soon!

All games are playable on Android. Pay what you want starting at $1. Pay more, get more!