Humble Book Bundle: Secure Your Stuff

Humble Book Bundle: Secure Your Stuff

Secure all the things and stay safe online. Normally, the total cost for the ebooks in this bundle is as much as US$717.

Pay what you want starting at $1.

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Included books:

  • Personal Cybersecurity
  • Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons
  • Advanced API Security
  • Enterprise Cybersecurity Study Guide
  • Waging Cyber War
  • Identity Attack Vectors
  • Privileged Attack Vectors
  • Professional Red Teaming
  • Cyber Security on Azure
  • Open Source Intelligence Methods and Tools
  • Cybersecurity Incident Response
  • Securing Office 365
  • Solving Identity Management in Modern Applications
  • Beginning Security with Microsoft Technologies
  • Pro Azure Governance and Security
  • Practical Cryptography in Python
  • Cybersecurity for Space
  • Applied Cryptography in .NET and Azure Key Vault
  • Practical Cyber Forensics