Humble Book Bundle: Data Science & Data Analytics

Humble Book Bundle: Data Science & Data Analytics teaser

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This bundle contains:

  • AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
  • Angular and Machine Learning Pocket Primer
  • Big Data Using Hadoop and Hive
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
  • Cluster Analysis and Data Mining
  • Data Analysis for Business Decisions
  • Data Analytics: Systems Engineering * Cybersecurity * Project Management
  • Data Cleaning Pocket Primer
  • Data Science Fundamentals Pocket Primer
  • Data Science Tools
  • Data Structures and Program Design Using JAVA
  • Data Structures and Program Design Using Python
  • Data Visualization for Business Decisions
  • Econometrics in Practice
  • Empirical Cloud Security
  • Excel 2019 Pocket Primer
  • Excel Functions and Formulas 2019/365
  • Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning for Developers
  • Python 3 and Data Analytics Pocket Primer
  • Python 3 for Machine Learning
  • Python Video Tutorials : NumPy & Pandas
  • Regular Expressions Pocket Primer
  • Tech Trends of the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • TensorFlow 2 Pocket Primer
  • Text Analytics for Business Decisions
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