How to Build a Computer Bundle

How to Build a Computer Bundle

Build your own computer!

Build your own custom PC or dramatically improve your current one's performance

with this all new e-Learning bundle.

You'll not only learn how to assemble your very own computer from scratch, but you'll learn all about the functional roles of the hardware that make up a computing system.

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Included courses:

  • How to Build a Computer from Scratch: Complete Blueprint: Create Your Own Custom-Built PC
  • Advanced Computer Hardware Modifications: Colder and Faster: Discover Advanced Computer Building Tactics Like CPU Liquid Cooling, Storage RAID, & More
  • Computer Network Cabling: Ethernet Wiring Infrastructure: Explore the Physical Side of Computer Networking
  • Upgrading Laptop Hardware: Improve Speed, Memory, & Cooling: Discuss the Basics of Laptop Hardware
  • CPU Overclocking: Unlock Your Processor\'s Hidden Potential: Learn How to Overclock CPU Processor Functions

Experience level required: all levels