Groupees - Steam Software Bundle

Groupees - Steam Software Bundle

STEAM redeemable software?

Included you´ll find the tools MindTex 2 (Win), AutoTileGen (Win / Mac / Linux), Liquivid (Win / Mac), ASMR Universe (Win), AquaSnap Window Manager (Win) and Panda School Browser (Win).

All tools are redeemable on STEAM.

What's in the bundle?

  • MindTex 2 - Normal map generation
  • AutoTileGen - Make 2D tilesets for your games
  • Liquivid - Editor for videos and photos
  • 2x ASMR Universe ...aids in relaxation and sleep
  • 2x AquaSnap Window Manager - Powerful window manager
  • Panda School Browser - Web browser for children