Groupees Spotlight - Reperfection

Groupees Spotlight - Reperfection

Get the Point & Click adventure Reperfection!

Reperfection is an interactive Point & Click Graphic Novel with an Dark compelling atmosphere. Solve puzzles, change past events, influence the future!

For a minimum price of $1 you get the game for Windows PC, for $2 also get the Soundtrack and the mobile Android version of Reperfection.

You will get a DRM-Free copy and also a Desura Key! Also this game is on Steam Greenlight. DonĀ“t miss to vote for them!

Get the game, vote on STEAM Greenlight, and once greenlit- get a STEAM key!

This game bundle contains

Reperfection - Volume 1

Greenlight, Desura, Drm-free | Windows, Android | Adventure Games

A adventure series with several self-contained episodes in the style of an interactive Art Noir graphic novel.