Groupees - Retro Bundle 3

Groupees - Retro Bundle 3

Get the 3rd installment of the RETRO BUNDLE now!

The brand new retrotastic game bundle has now arrived!

It contains the following line up of neo/retro indie games: Nosferatu, Noir Syndrome, 6180 the Moon, Another Perspective, Dreaming Sarah, The LootCastle, Droid Assault, Litil Divil Don't Move, Sugar Cube and Retro Racer Combat.

Pay $1 minimum - Pay more, get more!

This game bundle contains

Steam % 91

Dreaming Sarah

Greenlight, Desura, Drm-free | Windows, Mac | Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie

Dreaming Sarah is an adventure platformer where you play as Sarah, a girl who is in a coma.

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Steam % 87

Another Perspective

Greenlight, Desura, Drm-free | Windows | 2D, Adventure, Indie, Platformer

Another Perspective is a puzzle platformer following the very confusing adventure of someone looking for something.

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Steam % 86
Metascore 70

Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi

Steam, Drm-free | Windows | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, First Person Shooter

It is a misty evening in the year of our lord 1912.

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Steam % 85

Droid Assault

Steam, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Indie, Scrolling

Play Droid Assault and experience running blaster battles with hordes of rampaging killer robots!

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Steam % 78

Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory

Steam, Drm-free | Windows | Action, Indie, Platformer, Platformers

A cube of sugar escapes the factories to avoid the fate of being a cookie!

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Steam % 68

Noir Syndrome

Greenlight, Desura, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | Adventure, Indie, Modern, RPG

Noir Syndrome is a procedurally generated Detective Murder-Mystery with a new story every time!

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Steam % 47

Litil Divil

Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, General

Welcome to the Underworld, where you guide Mutt, the bad luck Litil Divil, through the Labyrinth of Chaos to retrieve the Mystical Pizza of Plenty.

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6180 the Moon

Greenlight, Desura, Drm-free | Windows | 2D

A platformer game with a unique mechanic connecting the top and bottom of the screen.

The LootCastle

Desura, Drm-free | Windows | Fantasy

A strategy game in which you defend a castle from invading knights.

Don't Move

Desura, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux, Android | Platformer

A game about ninjas.

Retro Racer Combat

Drm-free | Windows |

Race through levels, avoiding traffic and taking down the level bosses in this love letter to the 8-bit combat racing genre.