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Groupees - Gems Bundle

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An indie game bundle...

This game package by Groupees contains the following games: Fragile Soft Machines, Clumsy God, Thieves Guild Tycoon, Poker Kingdoms, Epikos, YY Slider and Octave.

All games are playable on Windows. Selected titles are also available on Linux and Mac. Grab the complete bundle for $3.

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This game bundle contains

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Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | Adventure, Indie

Octave is a point 'n click horror-adventure game with elements of action. Dark woods, monsters, paranormal activity, nice puzzles - all this is present in the game.

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Poker Kingdoms

Greenlight, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | Casual, Puzzle

Poker Kingdoms is a unique blend between traditional tile matching games, and poker.Match consecutive tiles to make the best possible poker hands, and try to beat the your high score.The Poker Kingdoms prototype is currently available for ...

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YY Slider

Greenlight, Drm-free | Windows | Casual, Puzzle

A relaxing polarity based puzzle game.Flip the polarity of tiles by stepping on them. When all the tiles are of the same polarity, advance to the next room. Each level is based on a different type of obstacle.Altogether there are 10 levels, each ...


Drm-free | Windows, Linux |

Get back to the core of what made the early RPGs great! Progress through a unique story with multiple endings Play as characters with unique backstories and epic fatesImmerse yourself in a new fantasy world, full of lore, history, and legends Find ...

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Thieves Guild Tycoon

Drm-free | Windows | RPG, Simulation, Strategy

Version 1.3 Now Live at : the Guild Master of a fallen Thieves Guild... you must level up your skills, hire master thieves, protect your vault from raiders, rescue your captured brethren before they

Fragile Soft Machines

Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux |

You were born to fly, but you never will. As a butterfly with a torn wing, traverse the land in a way you were never meant to, as you journey to find your place in a world that has rejected you. Your choices will affect your journey as well as the world

Humble Choice Bundle October 2020 - Steam Games