Groupees - Heavy Music Bundle

Groupees - Heavy Music Bundle

A Heavy Rock & Metal Bundle!

A new "pay what you want" music bundle with tracks by Before The Mourning, Throw The Fight, Hammerforce, Digital Summer, Pistol Day Parade and Throne of Anguish.

Included you´ll find this music:

  • Before The Mourning - Damned and Foresaken
  • Thira - Vein I: Varying States of Decay
  • Throw The Fight - The Vault
  • Hammerforce - Dice
  • Digital Summer - Breaking Point
  • Pistol Day Parade - Burn
  • Throne of Anguish - Defiant Gifts of Torment
  • Dream on, dreamer - Easy listening mix

All tracks are available as DRM-Free mp3 or flac!

Get the bundle stating at $1 - Or name your own price!

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